Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fear of Unknown

Fear is basically an emotion. Human beings have a fear of everything. From childhood to adulthood people have a fear of past, present and future. They scared that what happened in their past not happened in the future or what is the impact of past on future. This is the fear of unknown because we don’t know about the future and whether it is related to our past or not. We don’t even know about tomorrow so why we are scared about future?
It is a human psychology that he is afraid of what is coming next. A great psychologist concludes that 90% of fears are due to things which are not present in his life but may be in his future. Human is always scared of changes in life. This is the fear of ignorance, fear of future, fear of changes and ultimately a fear of unknown.
Personally I think there is a fear of thought and feelings. We have some bad feelings and we think what the affect of these thoughts is on our future; however this is just our thinking and is not related to our real life or future. So we may say that we are scared from our future because of our past. We don’t have a confidence to face our future problems. God better knows about future so why we are scared of our future. God gives problems and also give strength to face them, so there is no need to fear about unknown and don’t give importance to our negative thoughts that they create an unknown fear for us.
Unfortunately, I am also from one of that person who actually has a fear of unknown but one of mine friend asked me why you are afraid of your thoughts, face this world confidently and there is no need to worry about your future and future problems. So from that day I will never have a fear of unknown.
I want to share my views with you people that we will not get anything if we scared from future. In conclusion, I must say, friends be practical and enjoy your today’s life and don’t let your past or future fear to destroy your present. It is now up to you that how you can get rid of your future fear????

Now, I have a fear that weather my 1st article get higher rate or not, hahahahaha; just kidding.